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Hi Everyone, We had sunshine for about an hour today.

It's back to overcast and  Damp !

Here are your last set of numbers, tried to be equal with them SassiLady, some said ok, some said "what the"?

Here you go>

B-4  B-9  B-14

I-17  I-20  I-23

N-35  N-43  N-34

G-50  G-59  G-55

O-62  O-74 O-66

BONUS #s > O-64  G-52  G-48  O-72

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back in a bit, Jen.


Honored Social Butterfly

Congratulations to Linda on getting the mini full house, WTG!!!!!

I know it's Saturday morning but I went to bed at 9:30 last night so didn't get back. Everyone have a great weekend.

Super Contributor

I made it back to congratulate the winners. @miliannie  , @ladyfox58 and @LindaB671 . Of course, sign me up for the next week games @jen43 . Hopefully will give my little red pencil a workout. 🖍

Too bad we don't have money prizes. I might could save up in 20 years and go see @miliannie . 🌴

Bronze Conversationalist

@jen43 I’m going to join @miliannie & @ladyfox58 with a Bonus Game Bingo on card #66 (B8,13,10; I25,22,16; N31,36,Free; G46,52,50; O70,62,61). Congratulations ladies! I have the Mini Full House, but lack one for the Cover All. Rain here too with a cool weekend ahead. I’d like to play the next game. Thank you. ☂️

Honored Social Butterfly


bingogirl.gif Happiness is Yelling BINGO !


Honored Social Butterfly

Wow, looks like we have another winner. Congratulations to ladyfox, WTG!!!!

Honored Social Butterfly

Congrats to our first winner🎉 Jen I have the Mini Full House also on Card#68

B- 8, 6, 7, I - 16, 20,17, N - 34, 36,Free, G - 46, 48, 58 and O - 61, 67, 62 sign me up for the next game and if there's anymore winners Congratulations to you also.

Honored Social Butterfly

THIS IS A GOOD BINGO ladyfox58 !

congrats.jpg WAY TO GO !


Bronze Conversationalist

Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a great weekend every one!


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 It looks like miliannie has the mini full house. Congratulations lady, WTG!!!

Thank you Jen, very much appreciated. I still need two numbers for this one.

The sun beat out the clouds today but it isn't going to get as warm this weekend as they previously told us. My son should be home Sunday late afternoon if all has gone well at his uncle's. I will be glad to have him back safe and sound. Everyone have a great weekend and see you all on Monday.

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Good evening everyone. I got home from church last night and was so tired that I didn't bother with my numbers from Thursday until now, but got most of my numbers on Thursday, didn't do well at all tonight. I did win the regular so that is all right. I did read the post from Thursday, I did like what SassiLady said, she made me smile.

The weather here has been crazy, rain, sunshine, rain this morning and now sunshine. There is suppose to be a cold front coming in tonight.

Congrats to who ever wins this game. Please sign me up for the next game. You all have a great weekend, and see you on Monday. 

Charonanne E Kading
Regular Social Butterfly

Would have gotten the cover all if I27 had shown up.  But I do have a mini full house on card 65:

B6  I19  N42  G49  O68

B2  I16  N31  G47  074

B9  I20 Free  G52  O63


Have a good weekend.  Please sign me up for the next game.  Mahalo.

Honored Social Butterfly


congratulations_fireworks.gif  miliannie !


Super Contributor

Sheesh. Would have a cover-all if it wasn't for B11. And of course it is in the place that would keep it out of the running for a win. Oh well. BLNT. Should be some winners out there. Congrats if I don't get back here tonight. Have a nice weekend. -- Janet

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