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Hi Everyone, Ladyfox58 was our winner last night.

Tonight we are playing> EZ BINGO., Gonna be a Quick Game! scan0003.jpg 12 #s needed for this one, but since we have had a lot of winners it could go fast.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-7 I-30 I-26 N-36

N-41 G-47 G-55 O-66

O-74 I-22 N-44 G-51 

And O-69 and O-64

Have fun with this, I'll be back soon, Jen

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Congratulations to triple crown, oops I mean Bingo, winner LadyLuck aka LadyFox, along with the week's double bingo winners SassiLady, and Convertible gal.  Ah,  Janet would be vexed indeed if I miss heaping kudos on her EZ winning.  WTG @Vexed 

Please sign me up for the next game.  Thank you.  Have a blessed weekend everyone.

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Congratulations Sandy, Janet & Ladyfox58, hope you don't mind if I join in on the tail end of this parade.  I have the EZ on card# 62

B-5, 12, 3

I-26, 17, 27

N-Free, 31

G-48, 52, 54

O-66, 68

Gosh I think this is right, a very confusing game what with all the stuff marked off from before. Everyone have a great weekend.


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I agree, this game would be better as a stand alone game.

But you got it, good for you.

Bingo%204.jpg You are the 4th Winner !

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Very good @SassiLady and thanks.

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I was one shy for the EZ Bingo. Congratulations to the winners! I’d like to play the next game. Thanks @jen43 . Have a nice weekend everyone.

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What in the world is going on here I just looked back at my post

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Ok trying again Card#63

E.                                Z

B-5     I-20.           N-Free, G-58,O-70

B-4     I-16.                         G-47

B-10.  I-25.           N-38,    G-56, O-61

Congratulations to the other winners 🎉 sign me up for the next game Jen

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Hey I know it, I had a hard time checking the cards till I got the the hang of it.

This is a Good BingoLadyfox58.

congrats.jpg  HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND !

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Congrats @ladyfox58 .

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Good evening everyone. Well I pick one night to not check in and all heck breaks loose. Congrats to all on the first bingo game, and also the bonus game. This bonus game lost by 3 numbers.

Tomorrow our church is having a Saturday Night Service and I think they are also having the one on Sunday.

My poor son the band left really early to go with the football team to Odessa Texas which is 6 hours from Fort Worth out in west Texas. They will get home around 4:30 a.m. and then he goes with his wife to her parents for a Thanksgiving lunch and then as to do the church service on Saturday. He will probably be using toothpicks to hold his eyes open. They have to travel by school buses because there are no Charter Bus Drivers. 

Please sign me up for the next game and see you all on Monday. Congrats to any winners of this game.

Charonanne E Kading
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I think I have a bingo. Card #65. 

E -                             Z -

B-6, I-19                    Free, G-52, O-63

B-2, I-16                     G-48

B-9, I-20                     N-36, G-51, O-66


Thanks and have a nice weekend all. Oh yeah, sign me up for next week.

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You most certainly do Janet' vexed !

Good for you, you are the 2nd Winner.

bingogirl.gif HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND !

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Bingo Card 60

B 1, 15, 3

I 17, 22, 16,

N Free, 45

G 60, 47, 46

O 62, 74

I think I did that right

Please sign me up for the next game

Have a wonderful weekend every one!

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Contgrats @convertiblegal55 .

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Yes you did !

An easy Bingo for you.

celebration-balloons.jpg HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND !

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