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Hi Everyone, We had 6 WINNERS last night !

LindaB, Convertiblegal, miliannie, prisonnurse06,

 SassiLady ,and lynnie39 , Wow

So to finish up we are playing the COVERALL !

Here are the numbers for tonight, you must cover the entire card>


B-10  B-14  I-27  I-18  N-37


N-44  G-60  G-58  O-62  O-74


I-22  N-33  N-35  G-50  O-65


GOOD LUCK, I,ll check back in a bit, Jen

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Coverall is not flattering to my small waist big hips figure.  Out of respect for me, my bingo card shuns from it too.


Please sign me up for the next game.  Take care everyone.

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Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a wonderful weekend every one!


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Congratulations again to the other winners.

Linda I looked at that post and said "she did it again", hahaha.

No coverall here and I still need 6 numbers. Everyone have a great and safe weekend.

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Congratulations to all of yesterday's winners 🎉 no cover all for me I still need 7 more numbers, sign me up for the next game and have a great weekend everyone and stay safe 😷

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I’m short 3 numbers for the COVERALL. Good luck to everyone else! It was sunny here today, much like last Friday; but windier and chillier. Fish Fry Friday for us tonight...takeout from our favorite grocery store, Wegmans. We don’t have any of the stores on AARP Rewards near us. Wegmans and Tops are the big ones here. Where do all of you shop? I know Wegmans is primarily in the Northeast and definitely not in Honolulu! Has anyone been to one? They really are something! Most have an eatery. Some even have a bar. Have a nice weekend everyone. I’d like to play next week, @jen43.

Thank you,


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OOPS! I did it again! Patrick B. is me Linda B.. We often share the same device and when going to AARP the last  one on is whose account comes up. I guess I’m the one who needs new glasses!

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Our Kroger grocery store has the best fried chicken in their take out deli, I've ordered it often, reminds me of my mom's fried chicken.

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This reminds me of the mid 70's and I started stopping at KFC on Fridays after work to bring home dinner and give myself a break after a long hard week and also to give the kids a treat.

It worked for several weeks and then one Friday I didn't make my usual stop but made something else for dinner. The next Friday I skipped it again. My husband and kids were clamoring for fried chicken, haha. So, on Saturday I did my own for dinner, which I hadn't done in many years. Well, that was my downfall as they never wanted KFC again but only my fried chicken. The recipe had come from an aunt by marriage who was from Virginia and until she showed me how I never knew how to make proper fried chicken. It became our Saturday dinner for quite a few years afterwards. Lord, why do we make more work for ourselves in the giving of love to our family?


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Good evening everyone. The day started out sunny and warm and now it is cloudy and threatening rain.

No Cover All for me but I did win a regular game so I am happy. Congrats to who ever wins this game.

Please sign me up for the next game. Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday. Stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
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