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Hi Everyone, A cooler dampish day, don't have the air on, it's nice inside..

Here are your numbers for tonight>

B-3  I-24  I-29  N-41  N-32

G-53  G-55  O-64  O-74

I-25  N-44  G-50  O-65


Good Luck,I'll check back soon.

miliannie, I agree about the covid testing,too many conflicting statements, now we hear about people who have tested positive who didn't even have the test??

The other thing that freaks me out are the photos of hospital staff in their scrubs and masks ,ads put out for the public, saying We're here for you please come back, and so, and so on, yeah right, scary..Jen

Social Butterfly

Aghg! I missed the bingo by one number.

Please sign me up for the next game. Thank you.
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Jen:  Unfortunately still need 2 numbers for the picture frame.  Please sign me up for game 592 & have a good week.  The weather people are predicting a nice Sat and rains on Sun.  Can't complain.  You have a good weekend and stay safe.  See you next week.  Michol 🙃

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It's happened again, I have one number left on my board and it is an O, therefore I have no outside frame.

Hot and very humid here again.

Everyone have a nice weekend.

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no luck here, so have a good weekend all
Social Butterfly

Missed it by 2 - oh well maybe next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend - see on Monday.

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Good evening everyone. I was left with 5 spaces. It was a cooler day with the humidity down, and will be like that all weekend.
They are opening up our church this weekend, but with my congested heart failure I am careful where I go, so I will be watching it online.
Congrats to who ever wins. Please sign me up for the next game and see you all on Monday. Have a safe and great weekend.
Charonanne E Kading

Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a wonderful weekend every one, hard to believe tomorrow is August already.


Esteemed Social Butterfly

I'm left needing 3 numbers, good luck to rest of you and if anyone wins Congratulations to you 🎉, sign me up for the next game Jen.

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