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Hi Everyone, Not so hot today, and a cooling breeze helped.

Here are the last set of numbers for this game.

B-5  B-9  I-23  I-29  N-43

N-36  G-54  G-60  O-74  O-67

B-11  G-56  N-33  G-58

GOOD LUCK, My son and his wife are coming and bringing Chinese food, i'm excited ! Love it.Jen

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4 missing spots on my coverall!

My favorite thing about Chinese food on the Mainland (48 contiguous states) is the fortune cookies. Most Chinese restaurants catered to the locals in Hawaii don't have them anymore. 

Speaking of favorites, here's my fave on "Confucius said":  Man who loses hair in the front (of head) is a thinker.  Man who loses hair in the back is a lover.  Man who loses hair front to back thinks he's a lover. --Kudos to the comedian who said that years ago.  I can't recall her name.

Please sign me up for the next game.

Bronze Conversationalist

Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a wonderful weekend every one!


Honored Social Butterfly

I lost by two still need an I and a O. It was fun though so the loss is okay. Everyone have a great weekend and see you all on Monday.

Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. I lost by one number B 15. Congrats to who ever wins.

Please sign me up for the next game and have a great weekend. Jen now that you mention Chinese food I have a great ravishing appetite for some as well.

See you all on Monday.

Charonanne E Kading
Silver Conversationalist

Oops! That was me, not @PatrickB660129.

Honored Social Butterfly

Enjoy your meal Jen, I'm left needing 3 more numbers sign me up for the next game and Congratulations to whoever wins 🎉

Regular Contributor

Not a Regular nor Bonus Bingo here, but it was still a fun week. I’m glad you had a. cool breeze @jen43. We had a 70 degree high today with 70s into next week.Enjoy your dinner Jen. I had sesame chicken just last night. I’d like to play next week. Thank you!

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