Honored Social Butterfly


Hi everyone, a little rain is falling now, don't think it will amount to much.

Here are the last set of numbers for this game.

B - 12 - B - 3 - I - 23 - I -28 - N - 34 

N - 45 - G - 60 - O - 64 - O - 69 - N - 47 

G - 54 - N - 38 - G - 57

Good Luck,see you later,Jen.

Bronze Conversationalist

Please sign me up for next weeks game.

Have a wonderful weekend every one!


Honored Social Butterfly

I still need an O and an I, with them I would also have a blackout. Ah well you win some and you lose some. Good luck everyone, maybe someone will come up a winner yet tonight. Have a great weekend every body.

Regular Social Butterfly

No frame.  Onward to next week.  Please sign me up for that game. Have a good weekend.



Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. Same thing in weather here in Texas hot and 100+ and no rain. 

I lost by one number G 50 and had one other number so almost a cover all. I know that is not what the Bonus game is, this time. I did win the regular game so can't complain.

Congrats to who ever wins this game. Please sign me up for the next game and I will see you all on Monday. Have a great weekend.


Charonanne E Kading

Nothing for me on the bonus! Have a great weekend everyone. See y'all next week, God willing!

Honored Social Butterfly

Well I still need the same 4 numbers Congratulations to whoever wins 🎉 sign me up for the next game and enjoy your weekend everyone.

Social Butterfly

Have a great weekend everyone.

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