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Re: Checking in With my BINGO FRIENDS

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Here we are in February. How are you doing Jen? We haven't had any update from you since January 20. Thank you for taking time out and keeping us informed.

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Re: Checking in With my BINGO FRIENDS

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Dear Jen  , I am sorry to hear about your sickness and I want you to know your missed but what is more important is you getting well. Plenty prayers are circling around YOU for complete recovery and abundant health quickly. God is a healer and miracle worker  everyday in everyway. So just whole on and watch him work. AMEN  take your time and heal and in no time when the weather breaks you be tending your garden and flowers. You will bloom together. xoxoxo    sister in the lord.       Wanda

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Re: Checking in With my BINGO FRIENDS

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Hi Jen- so good to hear from you.  Surgery sure does take a lot out of you - just take it one day at a time.  More prayers are coming your way.  Wish we all lived closer to lend a helping had.  Take care & keep us posted along the way.  Hugs Lynne

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Checking in With my BINGO FRIENDS

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Hi Everyone, It's Saturday Jan 20th, and I wanted to let you know how I'm doing, Slept in this morning, guess I needed it, feeling better, still dealing with pain, but am able to drive now when I feel like it, grocery shopping wears me out so I do a little at a time.

Had to have another chest xray done on Thursday, there is some fluid on my left lung that they are keeping an eye on, probably won't hear anything till Monday, hopefully it's something they can take care of without me being hospitalized again, say a little prayer for me.

I try my best to stay away from large groups of people, so much flu going around..

Well please all of you, take care and stay well, and I will try to do the same, Thanks for all the prayers and hugs, Love you ALL, Jen


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