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Bernie makes more lies

 Bernie is now saying the elderly will get free dental and vision under his Medicare for all.  So let me get this right for Medicare for all:  Free healthcare to include vision and dental for illegals (they get free health care when they show up at the emergency room so now it will be more) all American citizens (even if they never paid one dime into medicare), drug addicted people ( they flood into Florida to go into rehab and across the nation) some go to rehab 20 to 30 times they get cleaned up and then relapse, it's free so what. Medicare for all means the government will spend it's money for people that stand the greatest chance to be made well so they can go back to work and pay taxes.  Not on us old folks.  The doctors (if you can find one.  hard enough if you only have medicare now) will tell the family of the elderly that its terminal and give them pain med's that usually kill you anyway. Did I forget to mention the figure to cover "medicare for all" is at 32 trillion in ten years.  Remember what the first figure for medicare was?  Check it out for your self then and now figures and adjust for inflation. 


Socialized Healthcare Has Clear Life-Costs

study by the Fraser Institute titled The Effect of Wait Times on Mortality in Canada estimated that “increases in wait times for medically necessary care in Canada between 1993 and 2009 may have resulted in between 25,456 and 63,090 (with a middle value of 44,273) additional deaths among females.” Adjusting for the difference in populations (the US has about 9 times as many people), that middle value inflates to an estimated 400,000 additional deaths among females over a 16 year period. This translates to an estimated 25,000 additional female deaths each year if the American system were to suffer from increased mortality similar to that experienced in Canada due to increases in wait times. A system that disproportionately harms women? How Study Study By:  Bacchus Barua, Nadeem Esmail, and Taylor Jackson

Aynbody need a new knee?  Get ready to wait for a coule of years. 

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