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learning for fun

I am looking for a board for those who are interested in education and learning.  I also enjoy the arts and culture.  I recently visited the Detroit Institute of Arts to see a Vincent VanGogh exhibit.  I enjoy playing the piano too.  I just got my piano tuned so it's more enjoyable to play it.


I am just trying to get into the book Middlemarch.  Anyone else read it?  Any English teachers here?

I also always liked to take classes.  I have taken continuing education classes in such varied subjects as drawing, cooking, handwriting analysis, languages, and the life of Saint Francis of Assisi.  I haven't taken anything lately.  Although I've taken online classes before, I'm not sure I have the technological skill to do it again and in person classes can be more fun.

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(3 comments) Hi @CarolynS674392 :


Great post!


Well, maybe IF I survive turning 65 next year (dealing with MEDICARE/lol 🤣😂) I will have an interest in further studies.


Not sure where you are, but here in Virginia age 60+ can return to school for free IF low income.


Lol, trust me, I "qualify"... 😂🤣


But I want the "Personal Enrichment" courses. Never liked school much to my mother's dismay, she was a teacher. 🙄


So tell us about your drawing? For example, what kind?


Also, I want "in person" courses so I can "mingle"... 😉


I find "online" anything BORING!


Nicole 🙂

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Well, I did some drawing and painting, but my husband was the real artist.  I took a "drawing on the right side of the brain" class.  There were wonderful techniques for bringing out your talent, like drawing upside down.  Put a drawing upside down and carefully draw it by only looking at lines.

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(1 comment) Hi @CarolynS674392 what is your book about? I have always enjoyed reading, was an escape from a very unhappy childhood. Nancy Drew, read all of the series. Nicole 🙂

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Actually, I can't get into reading very much.  I haven't completed a book since my husband died two years ago.  I used to read a lot.


When you were a kid, did you ever read Wind in the Willows?  If not, it's a great read for any age.  I read it as an adult and I loved it.  It's about mole and rat and toad and their adventures in the countryside.  I love the way it describes the little domiciles of the animals.

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