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Re: being a grandparent when grand kids get their own life

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Aw, that's a bummer.  Have you talked to your kids (their parents) about it at all?   Maybe if you guys could schedule something a little more in advance, it would help.  


And/or could you get the 8 year old for an activity here or there?   They are generally less busy than teens.   But yes, this is prime time for kids to be super-busy.   

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being a grandparent when grand kids get their own life

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i have two grandkids 8 yr  old boy and 13 yr old girl and now this summer they have so much to do. for all those years i could just tell them we were hitting the road,going to a festival or the park  and they were packed and ready for pickup "grannie i can't...: "' grannie i got to.. "they into summer casps hanging with their friend , other activities.....oh welll.. I am off  alone.....but i will be moving on...anyone else feel this dilemna?

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