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Where Are "The Voice" Fans? SEASON 20

Just Checking in to continue our seasonal conversation on The Voice picks and their progression through the season -

I haven't learned everybody's name yet but I think the talent is strong on everybody's team -

I am glad that Nick is back as a judge - but he is being replace next season by Ariana Grande.  That should be interesting - she is young, right ? 

Kelly has been out for some reason (health related) after she chose her team, leaving it in the capable hands of Kelsea Ballerini for a few weeks - Kelsea is doing pretty good IMO; but she has Kelly on speed-dial -  she adds delight to the guys sarcastic jokes - but doesn't give it back like Kelly.

During the opens, I really like how each of the judges got creative with their "contactless" awards to their chosen artist.  Who do you think was the most creative?

  • Kelly and her Team Kelly bomber jackets - nice but low rank on creativity
  • Blake and his bobble-head likeness - ok, cute and kind'a fitting - ok on creativity
  • John - a song for each of the chosen - good creativity but at times struggled for the lyrics and rhymes cause he picked some artist with some difficult names to work into his song.  😂
  • Nick - the winner for me in creativity - NICK'S NOTES - a blank book bound in black that came down to each of his team choices in a special drop container from up above the stage rather angelically - some of his choices thought he was giving them a Bible - funny.😂🤣

Got any special picks yet?  Seems there is some strong artist in just about every genre and some that can do a lot of different kinds.




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