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Unconditional     May 31

Seven years in the making, a first of its kind film from award-winning filmmaker Richard Lui, on the topic that affects 100 million Americans – mental health. Watch three families bravely turn the corner, showing us the power of relearning how to love. There are 100 million Americans living through this every year, but we don’t see them. Journalist Richard Lui pulls off the scab on a topic that is both a hidden wound and a hidden strength in all of us.        2023    Runtime:  87 Minutes      --->  Unconditional (2023) - IMDb


Far East Deep South         June  9

FAR EAST DEEP SOUTH is an award-winning feature documentary. When a Chinese-American family travels from California to Mississippi to visit the grave of their ancestors, they stumble upon surprising revelations. Along the way, they meet a diverse group of local residents and historians, who shed light on the racially complex history of the early Chinese in the segregated South. Their emotional journey also leads them to discover how the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 impacted their family and how deep their roots run in America.

     2020   Runtime:  76 Minutes    Documentary  ----->  Far East Deep South - Wikipedia


Hilma      June 15

Having remained unknown and unrecognized as the woman who invented abstract painting after her death in 1944, a 2019 Guggenheim Museum exhibition devoted to Hilma af Klint’s work became her first major solo exhibition in the U.S., revolutionizing the art world and art history while displacing Kandinsky, Malevich and Mondrian as the fathers of Modernism.

   2022    Runtime: 120 Minutes   ---->  Hilma (2022) - IMDb


All the Lonely People (Documentary)    June 23

All The Lonely People is a presentation centered around a documentary film followed by audience discussion. It places a human face on the hidden epidemic of chronic loneliness and social isolation. Built on hope, it shares the latest research and interventions for individuals and communities and leaves audiences feeling empowered and 

reconnected.      2021    Runtime: 67 Minutes

Here. Is. Better.      June 27

HERE. IS. BETTER. chronicles the stories of four service men and women, whose grit, smarts, and perseverance are on full display as they allow cameras to witness their most deeply personal, inevitably tense, raw, and honest therapy sessions in real—time. The film seeks to bring understanding to how the human mind responds to trauma, to what a diagnosis of PTSD means, and how PTSD can impact daily life, far removed from a military setting 2021    Runtime:  105 Minutes


Fanny: The Right to Rock (Music Documentary)   July 7

The untold story of a Filipina American founded, California garage band that morphed into the ferocious rock group Fanny, the first all female band to release an LP with a major label. Adored by David Bowie, the band's groundbreaking impact in music has been lost in the mists of time until now. Fighting early barriers of race, gender and sexuality in the music industry, and now ageism, the incredible women of Fanny are ready to claim their hallowed place in the halls of rock 'n' roll fame. Fifty years later, bandmates reunite with a new record deal and a second chance to right the wrongs of history.         2021    Runtime: 92 Minutes


BlackBerry       July 14

Two mismatched entrepreneurs, innovator Mike Lazaridis and cut-throat businessman Jim Balsillie, joined forces in an endeavour that was to become a worldwide hit in little more than a decade. The device that one of them invented and the other sold was the BlackBerry, an addictive mobile phone that changed the way the world worked, played and communicated. Just as BlackBerry was rising to new peaks, it also started losing its way through the fog of Smartphone wars, management indecision and outside distractions, eventually leading to the breakdown of one of the most successful ventures in the history of the tech and business worlds.   2023    Runtime: 121 Minutes     (Comedy-Drama, based on a True Story)   ----> BlackBerry (film) - Wikipedia


The Melt Goes on Forever: The Art & Times of David Hammons   July 21

David Hammons’ career covers life in LA during a turbulent 1960s up to his prominence within the global art world today by analyzing African American society and its representation within US life. Featuring interviews with eminent artists, curators and critics -- a wealth of archival footage and an evocative soundscape by Ramachandra Borcar that includes Marshall Allen, Idris Ackamoor and Shabaka Hutchings, and a reading by The Last Poets member and hip-hop forefather Umar Bin Hassan. The Melt Goes on Forever is a revelatory journey through six decades of art and culture.

          2022       Runtime: 101 Minutes     Documentary      ----> ‘The Melt Goes on Forever: The Art & Times of David Hammons’ Review - The New York Times (


The Hidden Power of Purpose     July 28

THE HIDDEN POWER OF PURPOSE is a feature-length documentary film, narrated by Debbie Allen, profiling four stories of incredible human beings who are living a life driven by purpose and making the world a better place through their ideas and efforts. The film bridges the inspiring stories with the latest scientific research from academia and industry, interweaving insights from the world’s leading health experts whose work affirms that living a life of purpose and living longer are inextricably intertwined.        2023    Runtime: 72 Minutes





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Yeah, I know 🤔 ....but it's not me so much as AARP software used an old "re-edited 'title' of this thread" of mine for this new reply post. Sorry for the confusion  everyone out there; but it 'is attention getting isn't it.'


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