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What Would Noah Do?

If Noah were confronting an apocalyptic flood today and if there were room for just two more people in the ark, who would he choose to help populate our post-COVID-19 world?

Theoretically, he could select any couple, for example, those holding hands while strolling along the route I take as I walk around my block in Waikiki. But Noah would have no trouble picking the most worthy candidates, the ones who respect medical science and the commonsense mandates of their elected officials.

It would not be the irresponsible couple forgoing masks; it would not be the couple in which one person improperly wears a mask, and that person’s mate has no mask; it would not be the clueless couple who affix masks only to their chins; it would not be the couple in which one of them properly wears a mask, but the other one has covered only his or her mouth. Undoubtedly, it would be the patriotic couple in which both people accurately wear face masks to protect themselves and to protect others.

My doctor’s nurse today asked me if the COVID-19 pandemic has gotten me depressed. I told her no; I am not forlorn, but I am angry that so many people don’t wear masks when they encounter anyone else within six feet of them. It is rude, unconscionable, and potentially lethal.


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