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Two new game shows on wanting to audition for

The College Bowl show somehow might be experiencing issues with their website or something when it comes to auditions, but however, there is really no upper age limit to be in a college bowl football game.  So I think there is no upper age limit to be on The College Bowl show.  If you have went back to college and went straight into football or something, you and some of your pals could audition for The College Bowl show.  For The Shark Tank, I hunted and hunted all over the site and could see no signs of any age restriction.  Unless some idiot found a way to hide it in the application for the next round of auditions.  However, you may want to do some research.  The Shark Tank is a game show where you bring in an idea or an invention.  Like if you wanted to come up with a special type of wheelchair designed for the workforce, with special features, or other neat things.  This is where you let your mind really go nuts on inventing something.  But they are worth a shot on trying to get in on those two shows.  

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First of all, you have to be attending one of the schools selected for the College Bowl show. That said, if you want to enroll in an expensive college or university just to "qualify" to even audition..... it doesn't sound like a fiscally sound idea to me.


Same goes for Shark Tank. While these millionaires on Shark Tank are willing to put some money at risk, they just don't throw their money away. Most of the time, they not only look for someone with a good idea, but someone who already has had some success on a small scale, and needs their money to "go big" as they say.


You premise that there is no age restriction for either is correct but, due to the other factors I have mentioned, the odds of getting on either show is minimal, if not impossible.

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