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Today is 🌟 'National Middle Child Day!' 🌟 ☜-(๑′ᴗ‵๑)╯

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Today is 🌟 'National Middle Child Day!' 🌟 ☜-(๑′ᴗ‵๑)╯

Underestimated and misunderstood, right?


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Are you a middle child? Well, today is your day! I'm a middle child (the 1st born daughter, with one older brother and one younger sister).


'National Middle Child Day,' was created in the 1980's, by Elizabeth Walker, according to multiple publications. Aug 12th occasion honors children born between the oldest and youngest sibling.


Celebrities who are middle children include Julia Roberts, David Letterman, and Michael Cera.


Most of the describes of middle children are consistent. Middle children need to find a way to be noticed in creative and entertaining ways in order to stand out in their family, as well as with themselves. Middle children are loyal, and can be great friends. Middle children are rarely bored.


I love this blog! >>> Smack Dab: A Middle Child's Blog


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And, another good read: National Middle Child Day – August 12: History, Celebrate & Quotes 


However, being a middle child isn't easy. There's even a syndrome for middle children. The “middle child syndrome” cliché comes from Adlerian birth order theory. According to Adler, middle children often feel squeezed between their older and younger siblings. They feel like they’ve been robbed of any position of significance within the family. Middle children can become competitive, or rebellious. But, they can also be even-tempered, being able to compromise between family members.


Other personality traits may include:

- Peacemaker
- People pleaser
- Social butterfly



True or False? >>> The Extinction of the Middle Child... (


Couldn't leave this out...

All the best TV families have a kickass middle member.


They're a bit typecast, too. Think of smart-alecky misfits like Lisa Simpson on 'The Simpsons;' Jan Brady on 'The Brady Bunch;' Alex Dunphy on 'Modern Family;' Darlene Conner on 'Roseanne;' Stephanie Tanner on 'Full House;' Mallory Keaton on 'Family Ties' (I relate to Mallory the most); and of course poster child, Malcolm Wilkerson on 'Malcolm in the Middle.'




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