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The Egregious and the Gracious

The Egregious and the Gracious

While walking to the Waikiki Post Office, I had two notable encounters within seconds. At one point, I saw a youthful looking man near the curb; he was properly wearing his face mask: bravo, I thought; all too many young people do not conform to the state-wide mask mandate. But my silent praise was short-lived. Just as I began to pass within six feet of him, he abruptly took off his mask and vigorously coughed. How clueless, how insensitive, how dangerous!  What a good way to spread Covid-19. I rushed away from offender.

In an instant, I saw an equally young man, this time coming toward me. Although he was properly wearing his mask, I gave him a wide berth, just as would do when anyone (masked or not) approaches my space. I didn’t expect him to applaud my common courtesy. But as he passed by me, he nodded and regaled me with a resounding “thank you.” What a mensch!

I then thought of the counterbalancing musings of Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. This might be his take about the two men I met on my walk: As the Good Book says, for every minus, there is a plus.


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