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The Paper Caper

At four in the morning at my Leisure Heritage condo unit, I was awakened by a fierce buzzing coming from the living room. I checked the cell phones, Alexa, and computers to find the source of a possible screw-up that was causing the unwelcome racket. But I soon found out that the sound wasn’t coming from these usual suspects.

As I walked further into the living room to the double doors of the lanai, the noise got louder. It seemed to be coming from a partially curled-up piece of paper that appeared to be slightly levitating. Maybe a swarm of bees were huddled underneath its canopy. Fearlessly, I touched the culprit. As I did so, the paper quietly swished to the side. No bees were uncovered, and the noise stopped: The draft from the trade winds had obviously caused the offensive buzzing. Relieved, I crumpled up the paper and flipped it into the trashcan.

Sometimes, Leisure Heritage is misnamed. On Tuesday early in the morning, the fire alarm went off.  I laboriously walked down twelve flights of stairs to safety. An hour later, the firefighters revealed that there was no emergency at all. The alarm had malfunctioned, and not for the first time. Between the tirelessly blaring fire alarm, the deafening sirens of the firetrucks and police vehicles, and the spastic sounds of a piece of paper, there hasn’t been much leisure at Leisure Heritage during the past two days.

If these mishaps keep occurring, I might be at risk for a seizure.



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