St. Louis Metro should open a new route in South St. Louis County for easier access to coffee

I have proposed a new route for Metro here in St. Louis to create and I think it would draw riders.  Especially of those of our age.  The line would connect the VFW Post on Lemay Ferry Road, it would then head north on Lemay Ferry Road, with a side trip to Schnucks on Butler Hill Road.  It would be a 2nd route serving Oakville.  Then the line would swing over via Lindbergh to Tesson Ferry Road, and would swing west on Gravois.  If the Mackenzie line was operating, this South County Connector would been the 3rd bus serving Affton.  They blame low ridership and what the cause was for low ridership was due to people refusing to advertise the route.

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Hello @PatrickR720159 . Growing up in West County, I always thought the STL Metro system sucked. Not having service out there meant I never got into the habit of riding the bus. And now that I live on the west coast, it seems that bus routes never go where I need to be. Your proposed routing brought back lots of memories for me, though, and I hope you got it established with the power that be.

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