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Recently on my walks in Waikiki, I have noticed a few unhappy young people. One of them obliviously plodded along with a sad, pitiable expression on her ashen face. Her eyes were lifeless, and her chin drooped. Her forlorn demeanor did not seem to dampen the ebullient spirits of tourists milling about near the beach promenade. I, however, was taken aback, wondering what had upset her so much; but I did not disturb her sickly, morose mood.

Within a minute, I encountered an angry, harried woman. The scowl on her face was so intense that I imagined seeing flame throwers in her eyes. Her lips were tightly pursed as if she were trying to tamp down her disgust at whatever was bothering her. Perhaps something unkind has happened to her or someone that she cared for, and it was her mission to rectify this injustice. Unnerved, I kept as far away from her as possible as she strode by.

Today, a stone-faced young lady with her dog in tow walked towards me. She wasn’t sad or mad, unlike the other two women; she was just untethered to any overtly strong feelings. We uneventfully passed by each other. When I reversed my direction during my walk, which I sometimes do, I again saw her approach. I spontaneously and warmly said this to her as she got close-by: “And so we meet again.” Instead of being offended or put off, the young lady was a bit stunned. Then, much to my relief, she smiled. In fact, she glowed, and continued on her way with a perceptible bounce in her steps. So did I.

Ah, even if the aloha spirit is at times muted or suppressed, when it does surface, it can be a mutual blessing.



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