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Snippets from Honolulu

At the mall:

While I was waiting for my wife to finish trying on some outfits at TJ Maxx, I noticed a man sweeping the floor. He had collected quite a bit of dirt. As he dumped the debris into a trash bin, he casually remarked: “You know why dust bunnies are called dust bunnies? Because they multiply so rapidly.” I was greatly amused by his wit and told him so.

At Nordstrom’s, my wife asked a salesperson where the women’s dresses were located. The woman said with a straight face, “on the bottom level, with the men’s.” I once did wear a dress, but only to regale my children for Halloween. In any case, October is a long way off.


On my walk:

I saw a middle-aged man vigorously walk backwards on the sidewalk next to the Ala Wai Boulevard. He often looked behind to avoid bumping into people or to make sure he didn’t fall into the polluted canal. He succeeded, at least for the time that I noticed him. Another man as he was walking his dog was reading a large-print novel that almost obscured his vision. I hoped that the dog had a better perspective.

A tall young lady across the street caught my attention for a few moments. Swaths of bold black and white intersecting tattoos alternated from her thigh to her ankle. She walked languorously perhaps to show off the artwork on her legs.


In the car:

Nearby in Honolulu, there is a house of worship called The True Jesus Mission. In smaller print underneath the emblazoned sign is written “Church of the latter Rain.”  I guess umbrellas are welcome if not mandatory to attend the services.



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