Recognized Social Butterfly


Snapshots in Waikiki

Three teenage guys hanging out next to a car were leisurely smoking aromatic weed—one of them conspiratorially whispered to me “bongo.” Around the bend, an elderly man on a Waikiki tour trolley hollered “eyoooo! “

A young lady carrying a surf board on her head wore a skimpy rainbow-designed bikini top and an almost invisible thong. Next to her was a middle-aged woman dressed in drab layers of woolen sweaters and wrinkled baggy pants.

Curled up on a corner, a grizzled man hurled incoherent invectives at passersby. Across the street, the well-mannered maintenance man at my condo beamed after my wife praised him for having a job where he could be outside for so long and be trusted so much that he needed no supervision.

A severely stooped old woman pushed her equally bedraggled walker about a millimeter per minute.  Nearby, a heavily muscled non-nonsense man shadow boxed as he strode towards Diamond Head.

Such intriguing juxtapositions! Vive la difference!


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