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Oddities in Las Vegas and its Environs

During our stroll in the Freemont Street Experience a couple of days ago, my wife and I noticed an “anti-anorexic” restaurant that offers a free meal to anyone who weighs over 350 pounds. Next to the entrance is a mammoth scale. The first person who stepped on it was ecstatic: he weighed 351 pounds. He high-fived his less ponderous buddies and barreled into the restaurant.

Yesterday, as I was on the way to the restroom after having lunch with some friends in Henderson, Nevada, a scrawny, shriveled up woman my own age who was sitting at the bar warmly smiled at me. Before I could get past her, she grabbed my hand and kissed it for a moment. Whoa! How stupefying! I had no idea what possessed the woman to be so fond of me, and I had no intention of finding out. After she released me, I scurried to the bathroom.

As I returned to my table, the woman was gone. I found out that my wife hadn’t seen the encounter with my admirer, but my friends had witnessed it. I then explained to my wife how taken aback I was by the woman’s advances.  My spouse was amused at my unwanted entanglement. It took me a while to feel as lighthearted about the incident. My only consolation was that the woman was patently unattractive. Otherwise, my wife might not have been so cavalier.

Today, while I was having breakfast at my hotel, I scanned the restaurant to get a waitperson’s attention. Instead, I saw a well-groomed young man seated directly in front of me. I did a double-take. He looked like my son a few years ago, especially his chiseled facial features and his nonchalant bearing. I was transfixed. He didn’t acknowledge me as he was eating; I kept staring at him as discretely as I could until he finished his meal. I would have loved to have taken his picture to show to my wife and my son, but I decided not to disturb him.

No matter where I travel, I never fail to see people who make an imprint on me, for better or for worse.

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Social Butterfly

hahaha, schlomo, that was me (jk)...


you and Mrs know I so appreciate your LV posts but really, was a weird person approaching in a restaurant any different than what might happen anywhere in major US cities? I don't think so, but correct me if I'm wrong. Sometimes when we are not in our personal safe zone we see things differently? Just saying...



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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