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New Book On True Story Of Tokyo Rose


New Book On True Story Of Tokyo Rose

I want to share an announcement about my new historical novel, Iva: The True Story Of Tokyo Rose.  Iva Toguri was a Japanese American and raised in Los Angeles.  Trapped during a family visit to Japan during World War II, Iva was forced to do broadcasts for Radio Tokyo because of her American accent.  Refusing to become a Japanese citizen, she stayed loyal to the US and refused to participate in any propaganda broadcasts.  After the war, she was falsely identified as Tokyo Rose, even though there was no woman who broadcast using that moniker.  The presidential election of 1948 was a time of racism against Japanese Americans and extreme politics.  The Attorney General at that time, Tom Clark, decided to prosecute Iva in a national show trial where perjured testimony sealed her conviction.  Sentenced to ten years and losing her citizenship, it was not until much later in her life that this travesty of justice was recognized.  President Gerald Ford signed a Presidential Pardon two hours before he left office.


This little-known story of a courageous and patriotic woman who was betrayed by the government is one that is extremely relevant given our country's current political situation.  If you have knowledge about Iva's trial, or you want to learn more, I'd love to hear from you. The book is available through Amazon or can be ordered at your local bookstore.   


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Hello. Your book sounds very interesting. I love history, and women's history is very hot. I am a writer with a new book, Mother of Orphans: The True and Curious Story of Irish Alice, a Colored Man's Widow (New York: 2Leaf Press, 2020). Did you try to place your book with AARP Services, inc. in the AARP Bookstore? 

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