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National Cinema Day, Sun August 27 (2023), $4 Movies!

Honored Social Butterfly

National Cinema Day, Sun August 27 (2023), $4 Movies!

Every Movie is just $4!!! Some 'Sunday Funday' activities! Woohoo!


We're going to see, 'Strays.'  (♡˙︶˙♡)


Theater owners announced Monday that the second annual National Cinema Day will be held Sunday, Aug. 27. For one day, all movies — in all formats and at all showtimes — will be $4 at participating theaters. More than 3,000 theaters are participating, which accounts for most of the cinemas in the U.S., including the leading chains AMC and Regal. 


Aug 27 2023 Nat Cinema Day 4.00 all day any movie any time.jpg

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