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During my walk yesterday in Waikiki just before sunset, I had two unexpected treats that alleviated the nagging arthritis in my hip.

As a young man on a bicycle passed by me, he began to jauntily whistle the beginning of Beethoven’s iconic Fur Elise, an endearing masterpiece that I am very familiar with. Wow! I started to whistle along with him, a short-lived but uplifting moment for me and for the bicyclist who gave me an appreciative nod before speeding away.

A minute later after I turned a corner toward the ocean, I was awed by scattered patches of deep-ridged orange clouds interlaced with silver streaks, a panoply of gorgeous tints that I used to delight in when I lived on the  North Carolina coast. Normally, the sunsets in Waikiki feature prim pastels. I prefer more dramatic colors: Last evening, the clouds glowed fiercely as if they were bolted against the sky. I was mesmerized, and my arthritis was minimized.

I can always find something extraordinary during my myriad walks in Waikiki. And for the most part, my encounters (close and otherwise) are a blessing.




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