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Kind Expressions of Thank You/Appreciation

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Kind Expressions of Thank You/Appreciation

What are some thank yous or examples of appreciation that have touched you recently, or that you've remembered your whole life?


I found this lovely example of a thank you letter from a person who purchased a VHS player to the person who sold the player.


Here's an image of it:Capture.PNG

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Thanks Sandy for sharing that letter ... indeed there are still beautiful people in the world 


Indeed that was extra nice for that patient to take time & notice your efforts...

 @ManicProgressive that's beautiful what you do...I too believe it is because of special thanks I've been given long ago led me to my love of sending thank you & thinking of you cards Yes@2Papa some folks still write cards & use postage stamps I'm definitely one of them. When I moved 4 hours away from where was as a result of divorce my good friend wrote me letters which touched my heart... just sharing what she been doing few days I began writing her & always enjoyed getting a letter from her and when after 2 years I returned close to area I left and can see her anytime choose.  We still write each other letters... ...its a great comfort also feel it is such a loss for young generations not growing up with this... I drop a note to my 2 granddaughters every once in a while... make them feel special & know I'm thinking about them. Lots of folks(even couple guys met) believe you can have/ build relationships with texting... not to me Yes I text my family and folks know but believe as I told these guys you should chat on phone and meet in person to get to know a person...... As my usual I got kinda sidetracked...

Anyway I got a beautiful note sent from a pastor couple years ago that touched me & I so appreciated his effort & time to write made me feel welcome & special. 

My dad traveled for most of my life when I was teen his letters from Japan were blessing still have most of those. 

My mom loved cards which instilled in me that love of giving cards. 

I enjoy dropping a note to someone I meet in everyday life that goes out of their way & if can't do note I use today's tools : posting nice Google maps review or dropping an email.

The world is such a rush and stressful...go go place...I feel grateful that with age having the realization that that stress I once lived for is not fulfilling... slowing down smelling the roses and making time to notice those who make a special effort really matter and should be recognized & told so & it'll make a difference in their lives... I'm living witness to some dark moments in my life where a note or phone call saved me and helped me find my way back... So Smile when you can it'll bless you as well as others....

Grateful for this thread Thanks,

Ginger  :  ) 


I am a surgical technologist and have been for 27 yrs. ,  it was about one yr ago a week before Xmas one of the doctors that I worked with 2 wks prior went to the control desk looking for me . I was called by my supervisor that he was asking for me upon meeting him (doc ) he handed me a card from the person ( pt.) we did surgery on , he had written me a very heart felt thank you for helping save his life ( Abd.Aortic Aneurism ) . It was very unexpected , It made me cry a very happy cry and I was on a emotional high all day . Doctors see and hear from their patients , but this is a first for me and it made me feel Great   Thx 

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People still send hand written thank you notes?  Only ones we get, if any, are email!  Grrr!

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You know how everyone writes in to complain about stuff? I write in to companies and government offices to give compliments. I figured they only hear  from people when things are bad, so I decided to write in when things are good. 


I almost always hear back. They are so thrilled somone is happy with their work.


And the reason I do it? I got one of those letters about 20 years ago. I will never forget how much it meant that a customer noticed and took the time to write in.

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To:  SandyY621323 

That was a very nice letter you sent and I'm sure the seller appreciated it.  Very thoughtful of you.

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Oh, it wasn't my letter/VHS story. I found that letter being shared around Twitter!


But yes, I agree: it was so thoughtful and I'm sure the seller was touched!

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