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Re: Kayaking for Newbies?

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Luvs me some kayaking!


Eons ago, when I lived on the west coast, I kayaked the local bay each morning before going to work. I had a sit-in sea kayak with a skirt. I wore latex leggings rather than a wetsuit, in no small part because the skirt kept me mostly dry and thus warm.  I liked that arrangement, but have no experience with those upon which one sits. To me the sit-in variety seems more stable, but then unlike DH who expertly rides unicycles, I've never had the best balance, so that could be influencing my thoughts here.


You can carry kayaks in a truck, in a van or on top of your car. Just strap it down well.


But back to you: hey, have a great time out there! Smiley Happy



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Kayaking for Newbies?

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Went kayaking this week for the first time.   Used a Pelican Eclipse sit-on-top kayak, which was fun for me.  Just kayaked on a lake, and I don't anticipate doing anything much rougher than that.  


For those who kayak more, what's the difference between a sit-in and sit-on-top kayak?   Does it matter for just exploring lakes?


Do you always rent?  Or have you purchased your own?  If you purchased it, how do you transport it?




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