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Just trying this out to see if there are any responses and if it does work.  Never did this before. 

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vd6349,   I agree about No. Michigan being a pretty place...right now.  If I lived there, I would get the heck out about the 1st of Oct., and wouldn't go back until May. I was born a Wolverine, and I know for sure that spending time outside in twenty-below temperatures is a damned painful experience. No, Thankew! I will take Savannah, Ga. or South Florida for my winters, please. I don't have many seasons left on this old globe, and please don't think me selfish when I say that I intend to spend them in comfort!

October is best month up there! Beautiful color! I cry everyday that I am stuck in this hellhole called Florida!

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Yeah, Well, Michele-Tell me you haven't seen those "lovely" colors completley inundated with snow in October. I agree with you about Florida in the three summer months, ideally it would be nice enough (or rich enough) to spend the three summer months in No. Michigan, three winter months in Fla, or Savannah, Ga and Spring and Fall in Indiana, or if I really won the lottery, the winter months in Hawaii

indy, i love Florida , would love to live there , i was born in Boston , moved to virginia back in 1999 


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Gosh Indy!  I couldn't imagine not having the beauty of snow in the winter...especially during the holidays. (Although I must admit we had no snow for Christmas last year which seemed really strange!). 

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Good morning Ms LynneS 🌞 As the saying goes "The early bird gets the worm". I'd love to visit the UK beginning with Ireland then make my way thru Scotland and England. 

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@LynneS930241 may you also have a Wonderful day as well. I too am on Pacific time being I'm in Arizona. And kudos on getting you're passport be a good excuse to plan a trip somewhere. I went to Hawaii before the pandemic hit, it's Beautiful.

I would love to go to Hawaii 

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Oscar, I agree with you about Hawaii. I have traveled over quite a lot of this old globe, and Hawaii is probably the most beautiful spot I've ever laid eyes on. Alaska has a rugged beauty, but those mountains don't  ask you to "come up here & swing in a hammock" like Hawaii does..  I was watching a homeless guy in the surf on Maui while he washed his clothes and then his hair and his beard and rinsed it all off in the ocean. Just up the breakwater from him was a breadfruit tree that was full of ripe fruit, and it hit me-My God, this is the best place in the world to be homeless ! We toured all five of the major islands-each amazingly different , but all very beautiful.

  • I would love to go to Hawaii
  • My family and I are supposed to go to. Florida next year 
  • I have never been there before 
  • My sister lives there etc
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good morning AS you can tell early riser here. weather is glorious. Now that I have my passport I want to travel to Italy and Slovenia. I just saw a netflicks restaurant show  and they featured it.(to be honest I did not know the country)  but slovenia looked beautiful. oh well sometime

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Community Manager

Hello, @LynneS930241, and welcome! I'm also a "Lynne with an e"😊


One way to get started with the AARP Online Community is to join in the Introduce Yourself forum and tell us a little about yourself and your interests. This way we can suggest some forums and discussions that may be of interest to you.


Thanks for being here!

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thanks for replying I will go and try to find introduce yourself . It is fun to find Lynne with an e. My mother and father thought I was a boy and they had my name picked out after my grandfathers  which was raymond and Linn so they called me lynne  rae. How did your name come to be spelled with and e?

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Community Manager

@LynneS930241, Lynne Rae has such a nice ring to it and how clever of them!


Since our last name is short my parents just thought it looked better to add the e and also when my whole name was spelled out with Regina, my middle name. But more sentimentally, it was a way to remember my late sister, Elizabeth Lynne, who passed away at age 2. They gave her name partly to me, Lynne Regina, and my sister, Karen Elizabeth.


By the way, this is the Introduce Yourself link:


Nice chatting with you😊

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I guess i a still confused as to where I can chat I think I have put in a few explanations of my self in different spots lol It is nice to chat with you

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Yes it is a bit confusing lol. And I too have posted in different sites here. Yes it's been nice chatting with you as well. 

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hope you have had a good day I am on pacific coast time so it is still early. I am celebrating  just got my passport back after sending it in  the last of Feb. I don't no why but I feel liberated even the I am not traveling anywhere .LOL

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Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing well staying safe. I'm just looking for a Lady penpal to pass the time with. I'm 52 years young, live in Arizona.


Hello: Where in AZ are you? I came out here to help my Aunt, who has cancer. Honestly, not enjoying it here very much. 
What exactly would you like to chat about?
How many lady friends are you chatting with?
I’d like to know how to get to “the private forum” or just chat via our individual email 

addresses. I’m not one to chat via open forums.

hope you’re doing well. Look forward to connecting with you.


2 hours on hold with IRS. Finally got operator who was able to verify my info within about 7 minutes and assure me money would be coming. I am non filing ss retiree. Reassuring.

Me tienen como dependiente y cojo ssi solo 770 dólares no creo sea justo no me den estímulo monetario.  Q creen ustedes

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Ich konst nicht furstenen tsie.  Makt mit der Duetch spreken-ya?

Is.  There.   Someone.   There

Hello.   Are.   You.   There

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, @FelicisL902175, welcome! How are you today?

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There are no messages to reply to.  This site needs some work.

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This site does need some work.  I don’t even know how to maneuver through it and I am very tech savvy.  



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I am lost I have tried to find out how this works but I don't get any replies then after a while I check in again and still don't get a reply. what in the heck am I doing wrong
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