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Re: I Look My Age? Why, Thank You!

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Do you have a link to the pictures of those 9 women?


Some women look very good to start with, and "for their age" .. it wouldn't surprise me if they'd pose for pictures.


Some women never particularly cared how they looked, and being 50+ (or 65+) wouldn't matter to them. So they'd pose for pictures too.


But I wonder how many women who felt they had "aged prematurely", or never felt they were very attractive, would pose for AARP's pictures..

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I Look My Age? Why, Thank You!

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Nine women posed for our camera sans “procedures,” owning every lovely wrinkle. We asked each of them why aging is important and whether they would get plastic surgery if it were free and painless. Read more storiesfrom celebrities to everyday citizens—who are challenging outdated beliefs about aging and sparking new solutions.


Have you ever been told 'you're too old for that'?

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