Recognized Social Butterfly



During my walks around the block since COVID-19 halted tourism in Waikiki, I have seen dozens of local beachgoers. Whether they are carrying surfboards, boogie boards, blankets, sand toys, chairs, goggles, or ice chests, at no time have I ever seen anyone of them wear a face mask on the way to or leaving the beach—regardless of how close they may be to others on their outing.

Yesterday on my walk, I mused that seeing a beachgoer wearing a face mask would be as rare as seeing a unicorn. But as I was approaching my condo, I witnessed an astounding breakthrough. I saw two young male surfers wearing face masks as they side by side crossed a street leading to the ocean. What a unique, heartening scene!

At least in this instance, common courtesy and decency are alive and well in Waikiki. These two young men deserve a resounding bravo.




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