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High Fashion in Waikiki

As I was entering my condo parking area, I did an about-face. I saw a svelte woman approach her cherry red car, one identical to mine. She was wearing a vibrant red dress. And as she got into the car, she picked up a plump red plum to eat during the ensuing drive. Such coordination! Was her entrance and exit haphazard or planned?

That same day while I was waiting at a bus stop, I noticed an equally well-groomed woman sitting on a bench. She wore a contoured black hat that blocked out the sun. A black mask appropriately covered her face. She wore an exquisite long dress that had a white background punctuated with black crisscrossed bars. White-studded black sandals clung to her feet. She carried a black designer handbag with delicately stitched white trim. Not wanting to dirty her outfit, she was sitting on a neatly folded white towel with black curlicues on it. She was a customized gal!

But the most naturally elegant woman that I saw that day was my wife who was visiting family on the mainland. The Facebook photos of her with my daughter and one of our granddaughters were the most memorable highlights of my day.


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