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Here’s the Poop for the Day

Today, as I was plodding along, I passed by an older woman walking her fairly large dog. It was not cooperative at first, wanting to lag behind, but the owner yanked hard enough on the leash for the dog to follow her pace.

As I took a couple of steps in the other direction, I quickly noticed four towering chunks of feces that had been plopped down about a foot apart in the middle of the sidewalk. Whoa! The woman’s dog had made its multiple deposits only a few moments before I had met up with its owner.  Had the woman been oblivious to her surroundings during the poop session (she had some sheets of paper in her hand when I saw her), or didn’t she care?  

In any case, I was taken aback and disheartened. I then approached a young woman walking two medium-sized dogs. After I related what happened, she was just as upset as I was. In fact, she went ahead and picked up all of the remaining feces, despite the fact that her plastic poop bag was already pretty full. I thanked her as she took off. I always appreciate unexpected kindness in the spirit of Aloha.  And I will always doggedly adhere to my belief, based on what I have witnessed so many times in my life, that a minus often turns into a plus.



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