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Free screening of The Artist's Wife on Thursday, Sep. 17th

You're invited to join Movies for Grownups in the Variety Streaming Room for an online screening, Thursday, September 17 at 8pm ET!


The Artist’s Wife portrays the story of a once promising painter, Claire (Lena Olin) who now lives a quiet domestic life in the Hamptons in the shadow of her husband Richard’s (Bruce Dern) illustrious career. When Richard is diagnosed with dementia while preparing for his final show, Claire must shield his condition from the art community while trying to reconnect him with his estranged daughter and grandson. Challenged by the loss of her world as she knew it, Claire must now decide whether to stand with Richard on the sidelines or step into the spotlight herself.


This event is free, but you must register to view and participate. Registration closes at 12pm ET on Thursday, September 17.

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Isn't there someone designated to take down these posts after they're more than 30 days old, etc.  It would certainly make sense to me! I was just out on my back patio enjoying a cool drink  on what looks to be the last "nice" weather week of the season, when my reverie was shattered by the scream of a crotch-rocket donorcycle on U.S.36 in Hendricks county, Indiana, followed by God-knows-how-many more. It reminded me of the radio announcers of my youth, yelling; "SUNDAY!SUNDAY! don't miss the exciting U.S. 36 drag-strip on Rockville Road"  Don't worry     about law-enforcement-they cant afford half enough to do any good! No kidding folks, the biggest joke in Indianapolis is the 55MPH speed-limit on the I-465 by-pass. If you're doing 55, traffic will climb your tail at a really alarming rate. and there's no law, since the cops are too busy with the shooting wars in downtown murder-city.

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Lynne, Today"s joke may have been a little too "raunchy" - I promise no more of that "strength" -even though I know a lot worse, but those are not public-type stuff-so if you get any complaints of inappropriate-please let me know, thanks, IndyMo
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It was funny, if you get complaints, just ignore those thin-skinned individuals. You can't please everyone. 

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We registered yesterday for this movie. However, we have not received confirmation.


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