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Entertainment at the Beach

Entertainment at the Beach

Last week when I was luxuriating in the beachfront breezes next to the Kahala Hotel near Waikiki, three attractive young ladies grabbed my attention.

Sprawled out on a lawn chair, the woman closest to me intently conversed on her smart phone. But she soon had to contend with the wind-blown ends of an extra-long towel that she had placed underneath her head. Without losing a beat, she nonchalantly pushed back the unkempt towel that with every gust of wind flapped against her face. Despite these frequent buffetings, the young lady remained calm on the phone. I admired her equanimity. I guess that women multitask better than men do. I would have been visibly irritated if unruly ends of a towel interrupted me so often. I literally have thin skin.

A young woman further to my right showed just as much poise under pressure as did the woman in front of me. Every time she repeatedly bent over in her chair or rose up for a few moments, her already amply revealing bathing-suit top slid down a bit. Unfazed, she casually pulled it up, readjusting her cleavage. Throughout this ritual, she had low-key conversations with many of the people in her group. Another admirable multi-tasker!

Near the edge of the water, a third young lady on a lounge chair (not built for two people) did not have to multitask: she was fixated on the appreciative young man with her, and nothing happened that could possibly distract her. At one point, she lay down on him, pressing her body against his as if their lives depended on it. I briefly and discretely stared at their embrace. When I had finished reading a section of my book, I again looked up at the amorous couple. This time, the woman was straddling her man, rhythmically rotating her hips as if she were auditioning to be a lap dancer. The man didn’t seem to mind: he stayed put. This exhibition lasted for a few minutes until both of them ran into the ocean—perhaps to cool off.

Young ladies at the beach: You gotta love ‘em.



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