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Do you have a favorite expression?

Do you have a favorite expression? How about one that makes you giggle a little when you use it?


Today I had the occasion to reply "darn tootin" to someone and it made me happy the rest of the day.


Now it's your turn! What's your favorite expression?



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Solid!!! (from Linc Hayes in The Mod Squad). I guess I watched too much Mod Squad as a kid. My own kids used to wonder where I got that saying until they saw it in a movie in the early 2000's. Now even they use it with me when we text!

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I luved Mod Squad @postman29 


Throughout my careers as a psychotherapist and educator in counseling skills for naturopathic medicine students, my favorite phrase was Be The Medicine. How we interact with others can have a profoundly healing effect.

Now being retired, my favorite phrase is Be the Love -- a harder ideal to live, given all the strife and division in today's world. 

I can't think of any phrases I use that are giggle-able, or at least that are clean enough to share here. 😏

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Cute response @DeahC77388 😂🤣

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