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Congress' Shame on them !

 I believe I just changed the last "curly-Q" mini florescent light bulb in my house.  What an idiotic thing  the U.S. Congress did when they mandated the use of those toxic little boogers. My home is located between two busy highways and a large railway sorting yard. The soil here is very heavy clay, so that when it rains or in the wintertime, it's akin to living on a vibrating table located on a bowl of jelly. And guess what never, ever came close to the advertised five-year life that Congress tried to flim-flam us into believing? That's right the Curly-Q light bulb. I don't believe I ever had one survive for more than two years in any locale in my house, and most were out within a year ! Just another one of the many reasons why I really dislike our U.S. congresspeople. Does anyone REALLY think they passed that mandatory use law for the benefit of the environment? Dumbesilleh ! I'm saying there were tons of "valuable considerations"given in xchg for that little bit of idiocy!

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