Closing psychic operations and replacing them with grocery stores, restaurants, etc.

Some might say I am being a "meanie" by getting my town to shut down psychic operations.  The ones that are located close to me are very close to churches, and in in areas where density is high.  Many of the areas that somehow that children might walk by the place where the psychic operation is going on and could even become frightened.  I know they might be nice for Halloween, but why on earth should they be within walking distance from a church or a school?  I care about the children that walk through Kirkwood, and I want them to be safe.  An area way out in the sticks might be a much better place for a psychic operation where not much people are present with little children.  I would love to see psychic operations in the city be shut down and replaced by something such as a restaurant, grocery store, and something that is more family friendly and welcomes children.  Yes, that may sound mean for those who spend their money on psychics, but for entertainment, I care about our children and a theater that would put on a play would be much more better.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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I completely agree. Young people have enough bad influence with social media and tv. Go to the Word of God for guidance.

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