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Calling All Crafters

What craft projects are keeping you busy these days? 


My daughter and I are painting rocks, how about you?  Sharing your projects might help spark some creativity with others and there's never been a better time to be creative.


Rocks Colorful Dandyline.jpg


Rocks Turtle Top.jpg


Rocks Turtle Front.jpg


Rocks Tropical Flower.jpg


Rocks Trees and Sunset.jpg


Rocks Ocean.jpg


Rocks Colorful Dandyline.jpg


Regular Contributor

Hi Sandy,

I like painting on rocks too. I would find real smooth ones in river beds. Right now I have been sculpting with lambs wool, just made a little fawn.



Super Contributor

I was working on a three-foot -long model of the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) but after completing all the below decks and gun-decks work, I had all the masts and yard-arms completed, and then I DROPPED IT! Broke off the tops of all the masts & a lot of the yards. When I tried resuming work on it this Spring, I discovered that 82-yr-old fingers can no longer tie all those tiny knots and paint straight lines.  And so I've asked the neighbor boy to find one of his classmates who is into modeling and will promise to finish it, I will just make him a gift of the ship and all it's parts and instructions and tools.It will make me sad, but sadder yet to know it would never be finished.

Periodic Contributor

Wow, those are beautifully painted rocks! I've been falling back on my favorite craft, crochet. Sadly, I have nothing new finished since March, so no pictures. . .I have a sweater that's getting closer, though.

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