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Curious and Curiouser

I encountered some striking odds and ends during my walk last week. A young lady carrying a surf board tripped while crossing the street right in front of me. As the surfboard clunked onto the pavement, she safely landed flush on it. Luckily, both of us were unscathed, although she was a little tipsy.

As I rounded a corner, a scruffy young man stumbled and rumbled toward me with arms outstretched as if he were imitating Frankenstein’s monster. I was relieved when he harmlessly lurched by me. I hoped that he was merely auditioning for the upcoming Halloween festivities.

Further on, I noticed about a dozen forlorn middle-aged men and women quietly and slowly walking in sync on the narrow sidewalk. They were wearing clean-up crew vests. At the back of the line was a no-nonsense female police officer carrying a holstered gun. Whoa! I gingerly sidestepped them. I didn’t want to tread on their formation.

Waikiki is a mecca for LGBTQ folk. Gay pride banners are congregated on many lamp posts along the main drag, a few of them right in front of the Honolulu police station. Even so, I was a little taken aback when at the end of my walk I spied some scribbling on a large rock: “Still gay.” I don’t think that sentiment would appeal to the North Carolina Lt. Governor Robinson who just notoriously called gays “filth.” Bravo to Hawaii!




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