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Courtesy Triumphs in Waikiki


Having a couple of hours of free time before getting my 100-plus “Mum” to the Hawaii Symphony concert this past Sunday, I decided to leisurely drive through some posh neighborhoods in a Diamond Head gated community.

The hilly and narrow street that I chose was bookended with mammoth luxurious homes having extremely short driveways. Parked cars clogged the entire left side of the street. As I drove half-way up, I saw three vehicles coming towards me. I had no room to bypass them or turn around. And the drivers were not backing up so that I could continue my sightseeing expedition. They just crept closer to me.

I had choice but to retreat. Using my back-up camera, I tentatively drove back down the middle of the street, making sure that I would avoid bumping into any parked cars. But in doing so, I overcompensated, edging too close to the curb on the other side of the street. Seconds later, my back tires crunched against the curb.  I was getting plenty unnerved, but I did not want to upset Mum. I   straightened out the car and was able to back up a bit, but I still kept hitting curbs. Eventually, I found a cubbyhole to pull into, allowing the other drivers to get around me. Whew!

Although I got frustrated during my ordeal, it could have been much worse. The other drivers initially stayed put as I erratically maneuvered down the street. Only after I had made some headway did the lead car inch towards me. Such restraint! No road rage here on a Sunday afternoon! The Aloha Spirit once more prevails.


And Mum? She complimented me on how well I had handled myself, even though I certainly could have handled the steering wheel with more finesse. Bolstered by her vote of confidence, and determined that Mum would comfortably get to see more gorgeous houses, I drove up another street, this time a much wider one. Because no other cars were nearby (perhaps the word was out to steer clear of me), we had lots of time to marvel at the plush homes surrounded by lush foliage.

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