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Birds Spotted at Sandhill Crane Capital of the World, Kearney, NE

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So our travels took us to Kearney, NE over the weekend. Kearny is the Sandhill Crane Capital of the World. Hundreds of thousands of Sandhills have been migrating to this part of the Platte River for hundreds of thousands of years. 


We've seen Sandhills before, but you know, when in Rome ... so we made time to walk out to the famous bridge from which a birding friend shot this video:



Of course the cranes migrated through here months ago, so instead Ma Nature gave us a sighting of wild turkeys.


Wild Turkeys 03262012 021.jpg


and mute swans


mute swan.jpg


Though the purpose of our trip had nothing to do with (and allowed little time for) our birdwatching hobby, we also spotted great blue herons, house sparrows, lark buntings, American goldfinches and eastern kingbirds in great abundance.


Here's more information from the State of Nebraska, for anyone thinking of making the journey at the right time to see cranes:



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