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After Odds and Ends, a Revelation

On my walk yesterday, I saw some weird stuff: a woman who was about to bypass me struggled with both hands to cover her face with wads of newspaper. As I approached a man who was pushing a baby carriage, I noticed that the only thing inside it was a banana gently lying in the middle of a bandana. Later on, I was astounded to see a large dog replete with, as I found out after doing some research, swaths of genetically modified zebra stripes. Its owner was posing for a photo op.

The end of my walk was preternaturally eerie. When I happened to look up at the mountains across from my condo, they were unusually swaddled in a gauzy pre-twilight. I was entranced. As I continued to gaze, it seemed that the mountains were twice as close as they normally were. Whoa! I’m sure that this phenomenon could be scientifically explained as some sort of optical illusion or one of my patented neurological misfirings. In any case, I felt that the mountains were longing for me to embrace them. I wanted to envelop myself in this altered state for as long as it lasted, but I rushed to my condo to show my wife what I had so magically seen. Unfortunately, she wasn’t home. And when I looked from my lanai to commune with the mystical tableaux once more, the mountains had retreated to their normal position. So be it.

Some people tout that LSD has given them visions of being at one with the universe. Yesterday proved that I don’t have to be tripping to be in the presence of a higher power.


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Social Butterfly

In 197? I experienced a "trip"...


The thing became chasing the "putt, putt, Pizza Hut" man across the yellow pages, feeling the walls "breath", and wondering if my friends were seeing / feeling / hearing the same thing (even tho we had just seen / felt / heard... )


Thank you for this post; hopefully someone will learn it's not worth it!



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