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Abundant Warmth on Alaska Airlines

Last week, on the morning flight from Honolulu to Seattle, I had avoided all of the nagging discomfort associated with my restless leg syndrome. But the subsequent two-hour afternoon flight from Seattle to Las Vegas initially triggered lots of jitters in my legs. I decided to leave my seat and stand at the rear of the plane until told otherwise.  

I soon had company. A very young female flight attendant asked me if anything was wrong. I explained that I was having a bad bout of RLS. Without any hesitation, she said that I could stay where I was as long as she could readily accommodate the other passengers with snacks and drinks.  I promised to comply.  

Things went smoothly for a while until we nearly collided, once as she slipped past me to hand food to passengers in the back rows and once when she returned to the food disposal area. Surprisingly, she apologized for almost bumping into me. She admitted that she was extremely nervous because it was her first day working as a flight attendant anywhere. Whoa! I assured her that I am the one who is notoriously clumsy, and I then complimented her on how efficient and kind she was in taking care of all the passengers. The young lady soon regained her composure, thanked me for my support, and confidently resumed her duties.

I remained standing, my default stance when sitting becomes tortuous. After an hour, however, the young attendant regretfully told me that the plane was about to descend, so I had no choice but to return to my seat. She then gave me a little wave. Thanks to her graciousness, my standing at the rear of the plane was quite sufficient to allow me to sit for the last half hour without getting my legs riled up.

I realize that I can’t always count on indulgent flight attendants to help me combat my RLS. But so far, when my legs get anxious, I have been allowed (sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes grudgingly) to stand at the back of the plane. I guess most flight attendants, male and female, consider me a stand-up guy.

Regular Social Butterfly

Dear schlomo, so happy you experienced this outstanding flight attendant, especially on your flight to our Fabulous Las Vegas! Hope your stay was as amazing as you deserve.


Also, hope you recognized this novice flight attendant's great service and compassion to their employer? That will give them another boost as you did while on the flight, me thinks...



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