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Re: AARP Ideas for 2018

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Hello @m342424j,


Thank you for taking the time to share your AARP ideas.   I wanted you to know that we do have an email contact for AARP and its .  This is the main email account for AARP with many agents available to answer your email questions. 


The Online Community also has an email address that’s used for moderating the community forums.  That address is    This email account is monitored by the community team and answered daily.


Your feedback about Walgreens and Senior Day is being shared with the appropriate groups within AARP.


Again, thank you for this feedback and Happy New Year.



AARP Online Community Team
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AARP Ideas for 2018

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1. If would be richly welcomed if this online site had EMAIL Contact,

not only for the obvious convenience of responding to AARP Emails sent to us,

but because many of us are hard of hearing so that the suggested Phone Contact does not work.


2. Please ask your preferred pharmacies, notably Walgreens,

to offer carryout service for Seniors.


Many of us stock up in the winter on Senior Day and could use a lot of help!


3. Senior Days are GREAT FOR THE 20% Discount and Rewards Points,

yet it would truly make us feel more valued if the entry table had fun Free Samples

and if there was a Coffee Machine on that Special Day.


Thanks, I hope.


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