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AARP Celebrates the Iconic Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was America’s first true rock 'n' roll star. His magical voice — a little rockabilly mixed with gospel and rhythm and blues — combined with his endearing sneer catapulted him to the top of the charts. (Video 2:17)



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1 comment (12/4/22) @AARPLynnethanks for sharing with us. This was a great loss! 😭. Oh yes @gm5271I luv watching his movies. Any other fans out there? Rest in Peace Elvis! Nicole 🙃

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Major fan here. I had an older sister who went bonkers for him and I got exposed to his music thru her. He was definitely one of a kind. A rare artist who could sing anything and do it so well.

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I love Elvis 

One of the greatest gifts given to me by my Mom was my 16th Birthday in 1974 She purchased 10 tickets at $10 each (unreal) to go see Elvis in Monroe, La He was doing a Fundraiser Concert for Victims of Tornadoes in Monroe, La 

We lived in Carriere, MS & traveled hours in pickup truck with camper body Taking My 2 brothers & sister along with friends....1 friend bailed out so had extra ticket my mom gave to a stranger we met there that needed a ticket. Needless to say my bestest friend since we were 11 has always regretted not going. 

I mostly cried and stood up the whole concert Truly a moment in my life never forget was my 1st concert and i've been to see others that were great but none that would touch me way Elvis did. 

My favorite movie is "Flaming Star" 

I own many 45 records & Albums 

He truly is a King and 1 of a kind.

Was wild timing but years later in 1977 My mom was helping me move from Mississippi to Illinois where my new husband was being stationed after Bootcamp My mom was driving a pickup truck loaded and it was storming we needed a Tarp to cover stuff pulled off in to Memphis TN streets were lined with folks had to beg let us into Sears parking lot .... in that moment we witnessed hearse with Elvis coming by down all those streets and folks... such a loss to the world. He'll always be special to me and I am grateful for my memories connected to him. 

Thanks for allowing to share, 

Ginger  ; ) 


Princess Diana definitely married for the fairytale!!!!!!!

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