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A radio station in St. Louis that really respects Bach


A radio station in St. Louis that really respects Bach

When Classic 99 exchanged hands with a Contemporary Christian radio station that St. Louis already has, St. Louisians thought that the city was never going to have full time classical music ever again.  Once a Fine Arts station appeared on the dial at 107.3, classical music has returned to St. Louis once again.  Some of the same DJs from Classic 99 are now at this new classical station.  When I had a few pennies left in my pocket and I was in Clayton, MO, I donated them to this classical music station.  I am so happy that St. Louis once again has full time classical music on the radio again.  When I go on my trail walks in Forest Park, I feel that I have to blend in some Mozart to go along.  I tell some of the people that are much younger than I am about how classical music can also a good teaching tool in music.  Such as the time when Bach wrote two fugues to teach his audience the four basic singing ranges.  One was called the "Little' and it was in G minor and the other one he wrote was in G Major.  My voice when I sing is in the bass.  

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