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A Typical Day in Waikiki

I was sitting behind a young woman on the bus this morning. She carried a tiny dog in a pouch nestled around her belly. With careful strokes and with soft affectionate words, she soon began wiping specks from the dog’s eyelashes.   After I left the bus, I saw a man sashaying down the street. He repeatedly lifted his hands while brandishing an amped-up speaker blasting out heavy metal.  Before I got to my condo, I saw many families from various ethnic backgrounds wearing pristine multi-colored, look-alike outfits hi-lighted by mosaics of dots and ebullient swirls. As I continued on my way home, I overheard tourists of all ages joyfully conversing in Scandinavian and Slavic languages.

Late afternoon at a hula performance at the Royal Hawaiian Center, there was a cute distraction: I saw a toddler effortlessly swing on the side railing of the stage, much to the delight of her parents and the audience. Just after I left the concert, I noticed a young lady carousing with some of her friends at a juice bar. Then as I approached, she twitched and began to salaciously rotate her hips. Whoa!

There are so many ways to freely express oneself in Hawaii.  Vive la difference!                 


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