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A Resplendent Sunset

One of the delights in living for decades at Emerald Isle, North Carolina, was the panoply of colors etched in almost every sunset: various deep vibrant tints of orange, pink, purple, red, gray, yellow, and white. These anticipated sunsets were an indelible treat from nature that I gratefully and at times gleefully reveled in. I was awed by the almost infinite variety each sunset displayed. It was a blessing.

In Oahu, however, no matter where I am on the island, the   sunsets are primarily soft pink with a tint of pastel reds, appealing hues but unspectacular, unmoving. But last night’s twilight was a welcomed kaleidoscope of colors. When I just happened to look beyond my lanai, I saw layers of orange streaks surrounded by wisps of zigzagged foamy white borders. I was mesmerized. Whenever I again have the opportunity to see such an exceptional Oahu sunset, I will be abundantly and abidingly grateful.  Being transfixed by such efflorescent sunsets that rival the ones I enjoyed so much in my North Carolina beach home is just one of the life-enhancing perks in the Aloha State that I cherish as I approach my 80th birthday.

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Your description sounds breath taking to be able to see these vivid colors ..I too appreciate the beauty of a beautiful sunrise or sunset and take pictures when they are awesome looking..Thank You for sharing.your special view and a very Happy Upcoming Birthday to You!

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