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A Fearsome Moment in Waikiki

While I was seated at the front of bus today, I noticed a seemingly non-threatening skinny middle-aged passenger enter the bus. After putting aside his skateboard, he fumbled through his backpack to find enough money for the fare. When he finally succeeded, he grunted and sat down across from me. There was one seat between him and an enormous woman who had placed one of her bags on the empty seat next to him. Without warning, he banged his skateboard on the floor, startling everyone nearby. Then he roared at the lady, “That f…ing bag don’t belong on that f…ing seat, so move it.”

The mammoth woman was not to be bullied. She mobilized her composure and stared him down. A bit crestfallen, the man repeated his command; but his nemesis continued to maintain her stony expression, making no effort to retrieve her much maligned bag.

I had no idea how this confrontation would end. I was beginning to get a bit unnerved, so I looked away for a moment. When I peered back, the man had retreated to the rear of the bus. The bag was still where the woman had placed it. She had won the standoff. She had defused the situation, shriveling up his bravado. Bravo!

If I ever get into a bind with an aggressor, I’d like to have that implacable woman on my side.  She would be a massive asset.

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