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You don't need a lot of money to retire

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You don't need a lot of money to retire

Retiring is great, when I retired I was extremely happy, I had worked all of my life I'd worked. Since I was 12 years, after school and on week-inns, it was great nothing could make me happier making my own money at the age of 12 years. After school I got a job and has worked every sense, now I am enjoying myself to the fullest. I enjoy life and I plan to continue to enjoy my life as long as I can. I have enjoyed singing and traveling while doing so. Now, I would love to travel more but seems as if This coronavirus has put a stop to my travel, I love to travel. There is nothing better than seeing other parts of the world. You don't need to be rich to retire and travel. All you need is love. Have faith in yourself and do the things you love to do. To me, this is what life is all about enjoying yourself even with family and friends. Gettering is great but not so many people around. Still enjoy your self as much as possible. Life is good so be good to life. There is good in traveling, things we've never seen before you can enjoy it. You can be happy with yourself and understand other things while traveling. You don't need to have lots of money to take vacations once in awhile. Be happy people and enjoy your life. May God bless all of you out there. Be safe but be happy. 

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